Tree Removal

Don’t put yourself at risk by attempting tree work on your own. Between falling branches and inexperience with power tools there are several risk factors to yourself and your property that are involved. Knot Just Trees’ experienced team will ensure that your tree removal goes smoothly. You can rest easy knowing we have state-of-the art equipment and that we are fully licensed and insured for your protection.


Tree Pruning & Shaping

Pruning a tree correctly takes years of experience. You run the risk causing great damage to your trees when you attempt to trim them without the proper training. Poor structure and disease are often the result of an amateur pruning job.

The pros at Knot Just Trees will improve the health of your trees by removing dead and diseased limbs that causes the entire tree to rot. With the undesirable branches removed, leaf, flower and fruit production will increase and there is less danger of limbs falling and causing injury or damage.


Stump Grinding

Not only are tree stumps an eye sore, they can attract pesky insects and present a safety hazard on your property. Knot Just Trees will keep your yard looking pristine and bug-free with ace stump removal services.

In addition, Knot Just Trees is happy to offer you FREE woodchips with any stump grinding service.


Tree Planting

Your trees beautify your yard and can increase your property value as much as 10%. Make sure that they are planted properly by hiring Knot Just Trees for professional tree planting services.

With over 30 years of experience and an ISA certified arborist on staff, Knot Just Trees has the know how to keep growing your trees right for an affordable price. You can count on quality services to meet your needs.


Tree Care

We have formulated a superior spraying service to take care of your landscaping pest problems. Whether it be trees, lawns, shrubs, or all of the above, our team will formulate a spray that meets the needs of your yard. In addition to preventing pests, we also formulate fertilization programs for deep root feeding of trees and shrubs.



Knot Just Trees uses professional equipment for professional work at every job.

-Our Truck carries all of our equipment, in a easy-to-spot vehicle.
-Behind it is our top-line wood chipper.
-Our skid steer service takes care of the biggest jobs.

Do you need quality tree care for your home?